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Bluebird Family of Friends Rolling Gatherings

  • 16 Jun 2019
  • 2 Jul 2019
  • Colorado to Arizona to Utah

Bluebird Family of Friends

Colorado to Arizona to Utah

Rolling Gatherings

June 16 - July 2, 2019

Updated 3/14/19

It is like a rolling rally and you can join us in all three destinations or pick any of them.

Rally Hosts

Karen and Dennie James 


Make your own campground reservations.  Here are the following dates and locations:

Durango, Colorado

June 16 - 21

Alpen Rose Campground,

27847 Highway 550 North, Durango, Colo. 81301. 




While in Durango, we will ride the Durango/Silverton Narrow Gauge Train.  I will wait to see who wants to ride the train and buy the tickets as a group so we will all be on the same car.  If you plan on the train, please let me know as soon as you decide.  There are two choices for the train, the Standard fare which is $89.00 per person (adult) and $55.00 for child) or a Narration tour with costumed guide.  The narration tour is $119.00 per adult and $79.00 per child.  Let me know your choice and majority will rule.


We also plan on an Old West Chuck wagon Music Show and Supper.   Prices for show ticket and supper are about $40.00 per person.  Again, please let me know if you are interested so we can purchase the tickets as a group.  You can check out the menu and entertainment at

We plan to go to Mesa Verde National l Park.  Mesa Verde, Spanish for green table, offers a spectacular look into the lives of the Ancestral Pueblo people who made it their home for over 700 years, from A.D. 600 to A.D. 1300. Today, Mesa Verde National Park protects over 4,000 known archeological sites, including 600 cliff dwellings. These sites are some of the most notable and best preserved in the United States. The stunning landscape of Southwest Colorado, near Four Corners, is the backdrop as you explore Mesa Verde National Park.

Four Corners Monument. Ever want to be in two places at once? Try being in four places at once!  Four Corners Monument is the only place in the United States where four states intersect: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado.


Williams, Arizona

June 21 to June 26 


Grand Canyon Railway RV. 

601 West Franklin Ave,

Williams, AZ 86046. 


While in Williams, we can ride yet another train!  The train leaves at 9:30 am and will take us directly to the Historic District of Grand Canyon Village where we will have 4 hours to take in the sights.  The edge of the Grand Canyon is right there!  This is an 8 hour excursion.  Cost is $111. per person.  Again, let me know if you want to go on the ride with us and I will get group reservations. 

If you do not want to ride the train, the Grand Canyon is only 55 miles away by car.  If you don't want to ride the train, stop by the Grandstand next to the depot for the 9:00 am performance of the Wild West Shootout.

Bearizona is a Wildlife Park featuring a drive through area as well as a walk through area. View animals in natural habitats during your drive. Check out more animals on exhibit in the walk through. There are several animal shows throughout the day as well as a complimentary bus tour through the park at several times throughout the day. Amidst the Ponderosa pine forests of northern Arizona — and just 60 miles from the Grand Canyon — is the Bearizona Wildlife Park, a natural animal sanctuary with a large variety of North American wildlife.
The bulk of the park is a 3-mile, self-driving tour. This adventure features the likes of Rocky Mountain goats and elk, Alaskan Dall sheep and tundra wolves, arctic wolves, mule deer, American burros, black bears, bighorn sheep, white and brown bisons and more.
Then, stroll through winding walkways to get an up-close look at the playful antics of even more animals on exhibit, like beavers, porcupines, otters, bear cubs, bobcats, javelinas, foxes and more. There’s also the Bearizona Barnyard petting zoo, to get up close with the baby animals, and a Mine Shaft Experience, which houses some nocturnal animals and even a few creepy crawly critters.
Finally, enjoy a Birds of Prey exhibition, which allows visitors to come face to face with hawks, owls, falcons and other raptors. Programs include training demos and free-flight shows, all with a narrative on natural history, conservation and interesting facts — an entertaining and educational experience for all ages.  (Price $25.00 adult, Child $15. Senior $23.00)

Grand Canyon Deer Farm.  Located on a section of old Route 66, the Deer Farm is 10 acres of absolute animal wonderland. Walk a path around our park to view wallabies, llamas, mini cattle, bison, peacocks, & much more. Walk with deer, feed the deer right from your hands. Chat with a parrot, Mozart is a very entertaining cockatoo, Scarlet (a lilac crowned Amazon Parrot) a bit more shy, pet a goat, kiss a camel. You will have a blast here if you are an animal lover. (Price $10.00)

Birds of Fame Air Museum. Located at the intersection of Highways 180 & 64 at Valle-Williams Airport, south of south rim of Grand Canyon, the museum is open daily 9-5.. Nearly three dozen warbirds and classic aircraft are on display including the Lockheed C-121A Constellation which was General Douglas MacArthur's personal VIP transport. ($10.00 adult; $5.00 child; AAA $9.00; Veteran $8.00)


Virgin, Utah

June 26 to July 2


Zion River RV Resort,

551 East State Route 9,

Virgin, Utah 84779.


While in Virgin, Utah, we will drive through Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon.  Don't forget to see the Hoodoos!


Zion National Park has a length and height limit so we have to go in cars.  The scenic byway runs for 54 miles..  There is a visitor center with very interesting exhibits and short movies.  Due to the large amount of visitors to Zion, a free shuttle bus system has been put in place to deal with traffic in the main canyon and in the neighboring tourist town of Springdale.  The shuttle starts at the Zion Canyon Visitor Center.


Enjoy Bryce Canyon's red-orange-pink rock formations and sandstone cliffs.  Watch the stars dance at night!  The drive through Bryce Canyon takes about 3 hours to drive to the 12 viewpoints along the 38 mile scenic drive.  We will have  to take cars since there is a 27 foot length limit.

Visitor Center and Red Cliffs Desert Reserve.

For many, the free visitor center of the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, located at 10 North, 100 East in St. George, Utah, is a treasured place to learn about local wildlife, plants, ecosystems, and the purpose of the Washington County Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP).   The visitor center has live animals and impressive exhibits to educate the public.  Experience Diverse Ecosystems

When you step over one of the Reserve’s distinctive “step-over” gates, you are entering a special place, a place that is a privilege to visit. Not just another mountain bike trail, not just another horseback ride. You are entering a 62,000-acre scenic wildlife reserve set aside to protect the Mojave Desert tortoise and other rare plants and animals.

At the merging of three great ecosystems, the Mojave Desert, the Great Basin, and the Colorado Plateau, the Reserve is biologically rich with a unique array of animals andplants. The Reserve contains the most northern populations of the desert tortoise, Gila monstersidewinder rattlesnake, and chuckwalla – reptiles typically associated with hotter and more southerly deserts, like the Mojave. A significant portion of the shrubs in this area, such as blackbrush, are more commonly found in the cooler Great Basin Desert. The conditions in the region are such that several endemic species, those which occur no where else in the world, do occur here.


Interesting tidbits:

The movie, “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” was partially filmed in the beautiful canyons of Zion National park in Utah, and the train robberies were filmed on the Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway.  The reckless leap into a river canyon was filmed at Tribble Bridge on the Animas River near Durango.

Durango is also the home of the Historic Strater Hotel built in 1887.  The hotel is home to the world’s largest collection of American Victorian Walnut antiques and the Louis L’Amour room.  Louis L’Amour wrote many of his famous westerns while staying at the hotel. The Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory can be found in downtown Durango.  You can also tour the Honeyville Farm and the Grand Motorcar and Piano Collection and the Animas Museum. 


We are hoping you can join us for this gathering!  You can pick any or all locations.  Everything will be A La Carte!

Rally Hosts

Karen and Dennie James 


Daytime temperatures in Arizona and Utah range in the 90's during the day with night time temperatures in the high 50's so remember to dress accordingly.

Durango, Colorado

Williams, Arizona

Virgin, Utah

All information is believed to be correct, however, all questions concerning rally information presented on this web site should be addressed to the Rally Host.

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