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Highlights of 2018 April Bluebonnet Rally

  • 12 Apr 2018
  • 14 Apr 2018
  • Marble Falls, TX at the Sunset Point RV Resort


Highlights of 2018 April Bluebonnet Rally

  For the third April in a row, the Lone Star Bird flock migrated to the Sunset Point RV Resort in Marble Falls to enjoy a few days of food and fellowship before flying off again in all directions.  Rally guests started arriving on Thursday and enjoyed a group dinner at the River City Grill while meeting new people, trading stories and catching up with friends.  Notable newbies were Dan and Liz Harris.  Proud FC owners from Chicago on tour.

From Dan & Liz

Mile after mile of – NOTHING.  Not even the hint  of lights,  or rapture.  I realized we could make it to our next planned stop, Marble Falls near Austin, if we “busted” our rule of 4-hours max daily driving.   Seemed like this would be a good time to take that mulligan; and the RV park had our spot available a day early. 

What we found,  when we got to the area around Marble Falls was nothing less than spectacular…and unexpected after West Texas Boredom.  The Hill country around Austin is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.  Blue Bonnet and other wildflowers in bloom.  Old-money ranches.  Hilly terrain.  Rivers.   Vineyards.  It was a long driving day,  which we do not undertake lightly,  but the ends in this case justified it. 

Our plan for the next several days was to attend a Bluebird Rally organized by a group called “the Lonestar Birds.”  We were allowed to attended on the premise that even if your ONLY goal is to traverse Texas,  this cannot be done (driving) in a single day.  So one must by definition become a Texas Resident for at least a day,  making us eligible for this exclusive group.  At least that was the story they told me.  The reality is simpler still.  Bluebird folks everywhere are super nice and extremely gracious.  Anyone who drives now or who ever drove a Bluebird (there were some “SOB’s” at the rally…”Some Other Bus”) is always welcome! 

So we settled in for several days of community with some of the nicest folks you could ever know.   This included some pot-luck meals,  a catered BBQ event, a visit and private tour of a local craft brewery and … BUS REPAIRS.  It seems that a Bluebird rally cannot be considered “official” until someone’s Engine Cover is up and three or four folks are wrenching away.   The designated site was right next to ours…a MUCH newer and fancier coach with a recalcitrant Alternator and/or Voltage Regulator.  For excitement, the shade-tree mechanics almost torched the vehicle with a direct short to ground…a bit of ad hoc arc-welding.  Never a dull moment at Bluebird Rallies!  And, it helps remind us that we LIKE our old and simple vehicle.   

Speaking of which, we appreciate rallies as an opportunity to walk through some of the older buses like ours…it doesn’t help us to see the marble-and-granite palaces with inbuilt laundry machines just as the mechanical and electronics noodling on the newer buses is irrelevant to ours.  But it DOES help us to see rides like our own, with new and novel ways to efficiently use space.  We have gotten great ideas for storage, shelves, upholstery, flooring, etc.

There was even a post-rally rally.  Several folks stayed after the official end of the event, and we had potluck around a campfire.  With all sorts of adult beverages.  Pumpkin Spice Baileys.  Tequila Rose.  And for me, bit of Glenfiddich.   After 4 days at the rally,  and 2 more days at the post-rally, we know a dozen more folks, in Texas mostly,  but also nearby Louisiana and even New Orleans, with pads, hookups and the desire to host wandering friends. 

Many Thanks to Vintage Birds Members Liz & Dan Harris for a Glimpse of the Annual Bluebonnet Rally!! 

Narrative was excerpted with permission from their Blog at

Visit Their Blog About Liz and Dan Harris' Travels and Travails! Are We Where Yet?!! at

Rally weather was typical of another beautiful, cool, Texas spring.  We had wind, rain, sun, fun and more wind!  

More birds and SOB’s showed up on Friday. Some birds flew off in the afternoon to Renee Benham’s Blanco fabric shop to sew up a storm on various projects.  The “official” rally began that evening at the resort clubhouse with a cornucopia of hors d’oeuvres provided and shared by everyone.  

Saturday began with a potluck breakfast followed by a lot of wandering around, tire kicking, dog walking, chatting and minor coach maintenance.  Expert supervision was never in short supply as Powell Brown attempted to resolve an alternator problem and provided entertaining electrical fireworks in the process.  Terry Sayther was supervised (from a distance) while he changed his Dupree dump valve paddles.  Many birds flew off in all directions to see the hill country sights.  The group enjoyed a BBQ dinner that night with dessert pies from the famous Bluebonnet Cafe.

The rally ended on Sunday with a continental breakfast and fond farewells.

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