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Birds of a Feather (BoF) Annual Q Rally

  • 20 Jan 2018
  • 28 Jan 2018
  • GPS 33°36'43.3"N 114°12'01.3"W


Event Description Details Birds of a Feather (BoF) Annual Q Rally This is the second largest yearly gathering of Blue Bird Wanderlodge coaches, and the largest yearly gathering of Blue Birds west of Pine Mountain, GA. Google Maps: Takes a few seconds to load. Instructions are on the left. GPS 33°36'43.3"N 114°12'01.3"W Come to the Blue Bird Quartzsite Rally to Enjoy Yourself. Participation is strictly voluntary. No one is expected to attend all the events. However, we like volunteers. As you read through the Event Details and you wish to volunteer to lead an event(s), send an email to your BoF organizers at Sign Up: There is no need to sign up for the BoF Annual Quartzsite Rally. There are no Reservations and the rally dates are the same dates as the Quartzsite Big White Tent RV Show. The norm is 80 plus coaches joining the rally. Just come on out, spend the days you can, enjoy yourself, meet old and new friends, and enjoy the desert sun. Or you can send your name and planned Q arrival date and you will be recorded on the Q Participant list. As we get closer to the event dates the Participant list will be noted on WOG and published on the BoF site password is flocktogether. Many have said they plan to return and are already on next year’s Q Participation list. Time: The rally events are on Arizona time. Set your clocks. Fluid Documents: The Calendar and Event Descriptions are fluid meaning they will change as time moves forward. Check back often. The documents are in PDF format and located on the BoF website the password is "flocktogether" one word, no quotes. Due to weather conditions, specific event dates may need to be changed, you will be kept informed while at Q, with updates to our daily information White Board. Print the Calendar and the Event Details: Just before you depart for the Q rally please print a copy of this document and the Calendar document and bring them with you. The Calendar and Event Details can change and will change as things happen. Rally Dates: The official rally dates are January 20 - 28, 2018. Many coaches arrive before, some arrive weeks before. The Calendar covers 16 days, the relaxed week before the rally and the actual rally. 

Rally Location: The rally location is on BLM land in the La Posa South Long Term Visitor Area. We’ll plan to be camped (parked) in a circle and in the same location as prior years. La Posa South is about three miles south of Quartzsite on the east side of Hwy 95 between mile markers 102 and 103. Drive in past the kiosk and park in the area to your right. Write down your license plate number(s). Go inside the kiosk and pay your $40.00 for up to a 14 day stay. You will need $40.00 cash. Go back in the morning and pay your fee if the kiosk is closed. Then drive on the black top road to about its end. Look to your left for Blue Bird coaches. Google Maps: Takes a few seconds to load. Instructions are on the left. GPS 33°36'43.3"N 114°12'01.3"W Open Evenings: Every other evening is an OPEN evening (nothing scheduled but the camp fire), allowing you to do what you want, go to town to eat, etc. But please join us at the evening campfire. Some suggested places for lunch or dinner. Q Yacht Club – A great place. It’s located at 1090 Main Street, Quartzsite, AZ 85346. From the BoF Nest go out to hwy 95, north to the first light after crossing over I-10, turn left on Main Street, it’s on your right on Main Street. Silly Al's Pizza – Great Pizza. It’s located at 175 W Main Street, Quartzsite, AZ 85346. From the BoF Nest go out to hwy 95, north to the first light after crossing over I-10, turn left on Main Street, it’s on your left just a short distance on Main Street, just before the BBQ place. Lacasa Del Rancho, Mexican/American Food – North of business 10 on the east side of hwy 95. Fire Wood: Bring a bunch of good firewood. A bunch means A LOT! All you can! A giant pile! Good hardwood, the junk wood in a plastic wrapper from the grocery store usually burns up in 5 minutes. Our morning fires to warm up by and our evening bonfires are what make Q so much fun. But we need your help in bringing lots of good wood. Green wood or those bundles from the grocery store are not very good. Old rotted giant firewood pieces end up making more smoke than heat. Fred is very picky about his firewood's quality! Drop your fire wood near the camp fire circle. 

Shopping Quartzsite offers some unique shopping opportunities. There is lots of RV equipment usually represented at booths, such as Demco, Blue Ox, Dometic and others. The Tent and Surrounding Area – Shop for RV Stuff, Rocks (Gems), Flag Poles and Flags, tools, craft items, all sort of miscellaneous stuff. Food Stores – Big Market west of 95 on the south side of Main Street. Road Runner, Quartzsite General Store, and Family Dollar Store, all three are east of 95 on the north side of Main Street. Produce Stand on Main Street just west of 95. Blythe – Blythe, CA is approximately 25 miles from the Birds Nest. Good stores. Most everything one would need. Holding Tank Dump Service: We will be parked within a half mile of two BLM dump stations and eight fresh water stations. Going there early morning or late afternoon will help to avoid lines. Holding tank dump service is available. Let one of the organizers know if you need the service, we will probably have them come to our group. Water Fill Service: No water delivery service available at this time. But again fresh water is available within one half mile. Name Tags: If you have name tags from any function, bring them with you to wear. Or make one yourself. 

Event Details First Arrivals Locate/Secure the Q Area – The first unit(s) to arrive at Q will hopefully locate the same Q nest or nearby, and follow on with the items below. Keep in mind that a large area (circle) is needed to park 80+ coaches. The bigger the circle the better. Do not unpack everything until a final area is secured. See Help Secure Parking Area PDF. Communicate with units in the area – There may be units already parked in the Q nest. Inform the folks that a large group of very large diesel powered coaches with large noisy generators will be parked around them according to the BLM rules (15 feet between units). Let them know that you are making them aware and they might want to move, or invite them to join the party. Mark (X) out coach parking – or a small stack of rocks. Make as large a circle (or close to a circle) best you can. Leave room behind coaches for others to drive behind them. Use a scratch tool to mark an X, or rocks, where each coach left front bumper is to park. Leave 25 feet between the Xs/rocks. Build the Fire Ring – In the center of the camp, build a 12’ diameter circle using rocks from the area. Rocks that are 6” to 8” work best. Hopefully the fire ring from previous years is still there. Please save 9 consecutive spaces for the BoF Organizers/Cooks/Staff. Thank you. Campfires - All are welcome to gather at the morning campfire and enjoy conversation and the latest stories. Each day near sundown the evening campfire will be going for all to enjoy until the last “good nights” are exchanged. We hope everyone will participate in the campfires. So come out with your favorite camp chair and refreshment, and enjoy the warmth of the blazing fire and the Arizona night with the desert sky filled with stars or a full moon as bright as daylight. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Information Board - A White Board will be updated each day with the day’s activities. Schedule changes will also be noted on the board. Also near the board will be the Lost and Found area. 

Much More information at Birds of a Feather Quartzsite Blue Bird Rally information is available for viewing. Click on the password is flocktogether. The documents are fluid in that they will be revised some as time moves forward on this site.

All information is believed to be correct, however, all questions concerning rally information presented on this web site should be addressed to the Rally Host.

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