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Friends of the Vintage Bluebird Club (FVB) maintain this site for all

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Friends of the Vintage Bluebird Club(FVB)


FVB Purpose

To be inclusive and supportive of all Bluebird communities with the purpose of ensuring long term and community wide leadership throughout the Bluebird communities, recognizing community leadership must come from all Bluebird communities.

FVB Activities

FVB activities will include the following:

Develop communication tools to facilitate communication of activities of all Bluebird communities.
Facilitate long term and community wide leadership by focusing on supporting Rally Hosting and Rally Participation in all Bluebird communities.
Facilitate communication between all nonprofit Bluebird community leadership to increase understanding and coordination of community goals.
Form associations with other nonprofit Bluebird communities to facilitate increased participation in all community activities.

FVB Leadership

FVB Activities will be coordinated by a Board of Directors.

FVB Membership

FVB membership will be open to current and previous Bluebird Wanderlodge or BMC coach owners and individuals who are sponsored by FVB members.

Charter Membership

  A Charter member is a dues paying member of FVB.

Associate Membership

When FVB forms an association with another Bluebird community, this agreement can establish an Associate membership status for that Bluebird community in FVB.

FVB Dues

Yearly Dues are $1 per year. All FVB dues will be spent supporting FVB Activities and no member shall have a personal claim to FVB resources.

FVB Name Badges

The Board of Directors will design and offer name badges at cost to the Charter membership if requested.

FVB Associate members are encouraged to wear the name badges of their Bluebird communities.

All information is believed to be correct, however, all questions concerning rally information presented on this web site should be addressed to the Rally Host.

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